for peter bellerby, it all began while he was searching for his father’s 80th birthday present. while having no luck on finding the perfect globe, he decided to make his own instead. a year later, peter created bellerby & co. now with a small team of trained globemakers, they are creating high quality and hand made globes. be sure to watch the amazing video below to see how it’s all done.

photos by jake curtis



i could read these interviews all day. freunde von freunden is a great thing for the creative community.

about-“FvF is an independent and international publication documenting inspiring people from diverse creative and cultural backgrounds. Our content aspires to present multifaceted personal perspectives that offer impressions of cities, various artistic industries and international urban living. By introducing real people and stories from around the world with an honest and authentic approach, FvF attracts a global readership and remains borderless.”



my girl dolly! check out this brilliant collaboration between libby vanderploeg and dusty rose vintage to see your favorite leading ladies whose style and thinking had a great impact on our culture.


Frances Loom

as frances loom puts it… they are adding soul to your space, one rug at a time. this collection of antique rugs is curated by frances loom founder, kelly vittengl. with shipments coming in every thursday, you are guaranteed to find your perfect match. you can shop the collection and fall in love here. check out some of my favorite spaces with “soul” below.



Emily McDowell

quick! your friend just got dumped, locked herself out of her car and is stuck in the rain without her jacket in a packet (oh the horror!) if you’re lucky, you know exactly what to say… if you’re not so lucky, don’t worry emily mcdowell has got your back. with her out of the box cards being wild, honest and heartfelt, you will never have a brain fart again…maybe. be sure to check out her online store for more creative goodies beyond cards.



tracey emin | the kiss 

“It was the moment everyone was waiting for, because you want to know that it’s real. After that kiss, you realise it isn’t just splendour and pomp: it is two people in love. I’m talking about the second kiss, of course. The first one was so quick I almost missed it. The second kiss definitely looked like a snog; a proper kiss. They looked really naive and natural, like a child’s fantasy of a bride and groom. This was an incredible day of pageantry and, above all, Britishness.” Tracey Emin


stumbled upon this wonderful series by catarina oliveira for pigeons and peacocks magazine. catarina curated the series of short films for the magazine’s launch of their eighth annual print edition. you can watch all five senses here.



Abandoned Love


peyton fulford, a photographer and digital artist has put perspective and love on my mind this saturday morning. by creating “abandoned love”, an interactive photography project, she has captured love in all of its glory. love is universal and so is the heartbreak of it. fulford asked the world of tumblr to share their stories with her and through the many entries, she has selected a few that are pictured below to create “abandoned love”. a powerful message that shines the light on everything that is involved with loving someone. you can read more behind this creative project here.

abandoned-love-02 abandoned-love-03 abandoned-love-04 abandoned-love-05 abandoned-love-06 abandoned-love-07 abandoned-love-08