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I DID IT! after months of sleeping on the floor i FINALLY bought a bed frame! i was in a bit of a rut… didn’t feel motivated or inspired to do much of anything related to my room so night after night, i would go to bed, look at the sad mattress on the floor and go to sleep. for me, a bed frame made all the difference and now that my room (and life?) are back in order i’ve been looking for inspiration to freshen up my bedroom and i think i found it…PAMPAS GRASS. i love the light and subtle presence they have in a room. think i might ned to pick some up this weekend…stay tuned!

“Chandelier” by Sia

Sia 1000 Forms Of Fear

i can’t stop listening to this song (and by listening to i mean belting out with an interpretive dance routine). this isn’t the first time i’ve been under sia’s musical spell … flashback to 2008 in front of my computer, using the keyboard as my piano singing “the girl you lost to cocaine” sorry but sometimes i just can’t help myself. this music video is just as powerful as the song, featuring a platinum blonde maddie ziegler from lifetime’s hit show dance moms.  maddie spends the entire length of the video dancing from room to room, captivating you with every look, kick, and leap. last week sia was accompanied by maddie on the ellen degeneres show to perform this hit, and what they did deserves every recognition possible. this was not your average mid day talk show performance but rather an art piece (bravo, bravo). during the performance sia stood in the corner, back to the audience while maddie took center stage enchanting all those who watched.  i don’t think the world understands how brilliant sia really is, but i think we’re getting close.