tracey emin | the kiss 

“It was the moment everyone was waiting for, because you want to know that it’s real. After that kiss, you realise it isn’t just splendour and pomp: it is two people in love. I’m talking about the second kiss, of course. The first one was so quick I almost missed it. The second kiss definitely looked like a snog; a proper kiss. They looked really naive and natural, like a child’s fantasy of a bride and groom. This was an incredible day of pageantry and, above all, Britishness.” Tracey Emin


well, i never thought in a million years that i would be writing this but here it is… i love pink and i don’t care who knows it! i never found the color to be all that appealing, mainly because i associated it with prissy girls who like glitter and fuzzy feather pens. for the past couple of weeks this color has been stalking me, forcing it’s way into my subconscious. this color has presented itself to me in a way that is making me re-think pink. i’m starting to see the mature side, the blush rather than the hot pink, the sophisticated art student vs. the preppy prom queen. however you want to look at it, pink has arrived and it has my heart.


P.S. be sure to check out the band wedding dress, not just because their album cover works with this color scheme but because they’re really good.

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