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last thursday i spent the better half of my night grooving to some new tunes by a band i had never heard before. as i entered the echo, i took a seat on the leather couch in the corner, giving myself some distance and a clear view of the stage and crowd (that place can get hot, sweaty and crowded fast so i was trying to prepare for what may come). 10:00pm and right on schedule, t.o.l.d. took the stage. still sat in the back, observing, listening, my eyes opened wide at the sound of steel drums. almost immediately, i stood up to get closer. as the song went on, the crowd and i were in a hypnotic and synchronized sway, something you couldn’t help but be a part of. song after song i stood my ground as the space began to fill. the music was a contagious thing that drew us like moths to a flame. i may not have known who they were at 10:00pm that night but by 10:30pm, i was glad to find myself in that room. be sure to keep an eye out for their new album, it’s not about the witches due to release on june 17th.

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