and that’s why we drink



podcasts! why did it take me so long to fall in love with podcasts?! while i was recovering after a medical procedure last year, i found myself exhausted by all my normal means of entertainment; television, music, movies, books… I COULDN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE! bed rest had ruined everything i loved about staying at home. i couldn’t bear to watch another episode of house hunters international so i began browsing the podcasts app. i started with comedy bang! bang! aaannnnd had to turn it off immediately. i was still recovering and i couldn’t stop laughing at this podcast which was not good for me or my stitches so i turned to a more serious and conversational podcast that would make me and my stitches cry… (terrible, thanks for asking). since then, i’ve been avidly searching for and listening to podcasts, old and new! some of my favorites are listed below. would love to know what podcasts YOU love so send me your recs!

a24  podcast: conversations between the actors, writers and directors of some of a24’s newest (and in my opinion, best) projects. i’m a big fan of a24 so i was very excited to find out they had a podcast. i loved listening to these conversations between some of my favorite creatives in the industry.

and that’s why we drink: i love a good ghost story. they scare the shit out of me but i love them. this podcast has some GREAT stories but it’s not just about the paranormal. this podcast also delves into some true crime stories… warning: don’t listen to this podcast when you’re home alone…speaking from personal experience.

armchair expert: after listening to this podcast, it inspired me to want to have more conversations like the ones dax was having with his guests. just take the time and listen to this podcast you won’t regret it.

chelsea handler: life will be the death of me: i’ve always been a fan of chelsea handler but when i listened to her episode on the armchair expert podcast, my love and respect for her only grew. she’s funny, honest and emotional, what more could you ask for??

dirty john: reported and hosted by christopher goffard from the l.a. times, this podcast is one for the binge-ing.

jen gotch is ok sometimes: i follow jen on instagram (which is how i first learned about this podcast) and what started as lengthy instagram captions turned into lengthier insta-stories eventually became a 45 minute podcast. jen is courageously open about her day to day and sometimes lifelong struggles and with this podcast, i think she accomplished what she set out to do…make YOU feel less alone.

song exploder: as a music lover, i thoroughly enjoy listening to this podcast. each episode features an artist breaking down their song. they share the stories of what inspired them to write the song, how it was made, and give some insight to their process of recording.

story corps: “stories of the human heart. a candid, unscripted conversation between two people about what’s really important in life: love, loss, family, friendship.” i copied this right from their website as it perfectly describes what this podcast is about. when i listen to these episodes, a lot of the time i’m left in tears. the dialogue between the people telling these stories is so important and especially refreshing because these are just ordinary people very much like you and me.

terrible, thanks for asking: it’s okay to not be okay. this is something nora mcinerny welcomes and encourages as we listen to strangers talk about their pain, blush at their embarrassment and sometimes (most of the time) cry at their stories.

unstyled: christene and her guests talk about aalll of the things; life, work, love and they do it with styyyllle.

why won’t you date me?: this podcast never fails to make me laugh. nicole byer is unapologetically single and i (selfishly) hope she stays single forever because 1. i can relate 2. she’s a queen who DON’T NEED NO MAN!

the wine down: i like wine and i like comedians and this podcast is the perfect blend…