it’s official…white is the new black, which means i’m in a lot of trouble considering my closet is about 85% black.  zara has some great pieces to help brighten up my wardrobe and from what i saw online, i’ll take one of everything please.

zara 2662781251_2_7_1 2663808251_2_2_1 2669894251_2_2_1 2740678251_2_5_1 3717053250_2_2_1 3717053250_2_6_1 4070222250_2_4_1 4070222250_2_5_1 7215043251_2_1_1 7563046251_2_2_1 7563046251_2_3_1



One comment

  1. I’m alwayss in black so i’m trying to lighten up for summer too! I featured one of Zaras dresses in my post about the Little White Dress! Check it out

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