the other day as i was staring helplessly at the immensely long soup aisle, a woman approached me. she complimented me on my freckles in which i couldn’t help but respond with “i got it from my momma“. she politely laughed, and began to tell me how truly beautiful she thought freckles were, or as she called them “angel kisses”.  after a lot of blushing on my behalf, we parted ways and i couldn’t help but feel great about my freckles. not that i was ever self conscious about them before but i felt like running out of the grocery store and yelling “I HAVE FRECKLES AND I”M PROUD!”  i love my angel kisses and i think they are  beautiful at any age.freckles 11f608413dcc9e046fd20d1e49f95fa7 15d5890c3fd55cc83e38593a0b3fb240 18ae3ee2516f1f5f7db30973dd52d5f1 22cba572afb96e00412f39977e478510 198a2cb240e3e36d72c85cad301cb8ed 710a05f8bed45d8393b8a2117d74fc5a  3993560f0f7280c51e6120d773958c65 a3e116f113065ea9452660e69e0efd1e ce873996f050e48cea93dba37997ff1d963dee60ba623092234a605d5868f90c

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