The 4.6%

yesterday as i scrolled through my phone i came across an article with the title “5 year old transgender”. guilty of my own ignorance i thought there was no way a child so young could be confused about their sexuality. i then clicked the link, read the article along with the touching video and became informed and inspired by 5 year old transgender child, ryland. his story exemplifies the love and support of a family, explaining ” we signed up as parents with no strings attached”. hillary and jeff whittington are the two proud parents of ryland. After what was thought to be a phase, they realized they were dealing with something much bigger. through professional help and self research they came to the conclusion that ryland was transgender. through their research they found a disturbing statistic… 41% of transgender people have attempted suicide due to lack of acceptance; the national average is 4.6 %. taking matters into their own hands their hope is that their voice will be heard and this world will become a more loving and accepting place. at birth ryland was declared female, now he is 6 years old and living a happy and healthy life as a brother, son and transgender child. watch their video below and help share their story.


click the link to find out how you can help and support the transgender community.

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