i am in loooovveee with greetabl! i’ve got friends in lots of different places at the moment so this has become a great way for me to send them my love from LA. with greetabl, you can send a personalized note and a gift to all your friends in far away places. recently one of my best friends moved to idaho (not cool idaho…not cool) so i’m sending her a greetabl with a “I MISS YOU LIKE CRAZY” note and lots of confetti because who doesn’t like confetti?!

  1. build: pick a box and a gift.

2. personalize: add photos and a sweet message.

Greetabl 2

3. happiness is on it’s way!



Vnyl 5

i just received my first package from vnyl and it’s everything i dreamed it would be. with my vinyl membership, i get records delivered right to my doorstep! i decided to go for the trio plan, where i’ll be receiving 3 records every month.

how it works: each month you choose a vibe. based on the music preferences listed on your profile, one of vnyl’s curators will hand pick your albums according to that month’s vibe. last month i chose the #courtneybarnett vibe, which included the iron and wine and grouper albums. this month’s vibe is #daydreaming and i can’t wait to see what shows up!

Vnyl 3vnyl 1




sackcloth & ashes makes me feel goooooood! for every blanket you purchase, they will donate a blanket to your local homeless shelter and what is not good about that?! living in los angeles, it’s hard not to notice how many are left on the streets. with companies like sackcloth & ashes, they make it easy to lend a helping hand.

“founder of sackcloth & ashes, bob dalton, was inspired to help the homeless population when his mother, a hardworking single mother, found herself living on the streets in 2013. because of his mother’s story, bob realized that not all choose to become homeless-that some just need a second chance. he began to call homeless shelters in his area to ask what they needed. they all said blankets. that’s when he founded sackcloth & ashes.”

you can buy your sackcloth & ashes blanket here.Sackcloth and Ashes 30Sackcloth and Ashes 24Sackcloth and Ashes 7Sackcloth and Ashes 6Sackcloth and Ashes 32Sackcloth and Ashes 15



Bridal Shower 35

this past weekend, i threw my sister her bridal shower. this was my first task as the maid of honor and i was ready to throw down! i read all the wedding forums the internet had to offer-the horror stories, words of advice and a lot of penis shaped foods…it was exhausting and quite daunting. lucky for me (and courtney) we have some seriously amazing people in our lives that were willing to help put on this special day. it was great to see everyone come together and show their love for the beautiful bride. you can check out all the details of the final product below! #CheerstotheConroys

Bridal Shower 28Bridal Shower 27

Bridal Shower 36Bridal Shower 32Bridal Shower 31Bridal Shower2Bridal Shower 37Bridal Shower 21

Bridal  Shower 5bridal-shower-33 (1)2016-05-16 08.38.42



i just love studio tours! seeing the artist in their creative space is so inspiring to me. the design files did a piece on melbourne based ceramicist, sophie harle and her passion for pottery. “there’s just something about the form, the feel, the weight, it’s all just so alive. when you hold a good pot you don’t want to put it down, and i want to make those kinds of pots”. you can read the full article here.





babylonstoren seems to be straight out of a movie. where the writer goes to cure their writer’s block, where the busy city girl goes to unplug or where the lost 20 year old goes to find their purpose in life. regardless of what character you are, babylonstoren welcomes you to the country getaway you’ve been looking for. you can see more about the farm and hotel here.

babylonstoren offers one-bedroom suites, one-bedroom cottages and two-bedroom cottages.


guests can enjoy hand-picking their own crops or can dine in the hotel’s restaurant, babel.







i first found out about mason grace jewelry at the artists & fleas market. walking through the aisles of local vendors, a little gold plated necklace caught my eye. a closer look you could see that each plate had something inscribed on it… the “bad ass” necklace had my name written all over it. not having the color or size in stock, i felt it wasn’t meant to be. cybil reassured me she could customize it to my preference and i could have mynecklace next week. it took me .03 seconds to say yes. we chatted about what exactly i wanted (gold, “bad ass”, 18 in chain) and next thing you know i’m wearing my customized mason grace necklace and i can’t take it off.